Coop Loan Resumption

Dear Very Much Esteemed Employees,

The Union Executives and ET Higher Managements have managed to resolve the issue related to COOP MORTGAGE LOAN. ET higher Managements have agreed to release the loans process for these employees who are on process/pipeline that are closer to 700 employees effective from July 3, 2021. We (Union Executives and ET Higher Managements) also went to the bank’s higher managements and discussed with them on the way forward and they have also accepted the resumption of the mortgage loan.

For the loans process, any person with letters of EAGPBTU and HR both on his/her hands is very welcome to resume the loan process. But we should be informed first and we shall communicate the bank formally via letter in writing by being with our corporate HR.

Having thanked you all wholeheartedly for standing along with us selflessly and for the amazing patience you have shown us, we would hereby vow from our side also to remain committed to stand for your rights and benefits!

Ethiopian Airlines Group Primary Basic Trade Union

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